Thursday, September 10, 2009

Want to Watch Mature Videos, "TURN OFF" The Family Filter in Veoh gives you millions of Free Videos to Watch & Download.Many of the videos on Veoh is uploaded by users, that contains Mature or Sexually Explicit Contents. Veoh has the option to Avoid those videos by "TURN ON" an option called "FAMILY FILTER". Want to Watch Mature Videos, "TURN OFF" The Family Filter in Veoh.
 To Watch & Download you need to install a small Application "Veoh Web Player"/Video Compass. The Web Player can store your video to see it offline, when you are not connected to  Internet. The Video Compass, gives you related video Thumbnail views, when you search for anything in Search Box of Your browser (Bing or Google etc). Usually this is very useful, but many a times when the Family Filter is "TURN OFF", your search may shows, Mature Videos. You can just simply "TURN OFF" or "TURN ON" the Family Filter according to your requirement. Want to Watch Mature Videos, "TURN OFF" The Family Filter in Veoh. see the screen shots below

For Downloading the videos from Veoh, you have to install Veoh Web Player & the Web Compass is associated with that. When you install the Web Player, it is displayed as an ADD ON, application in the tool bar of your web browser.
To "TURN OFF" or "TURN ON" The Family Filter in Veoh, click on Web Compass button, located in the right side of the Tool bar of your browser (Internet Explorer ). Click Settings

Click the option Turn Family Filter ON, or OFF,as you wish.
For Downloading any video from Veoh click the download option that is located below the video.
This will start the download in Veoh Web Player & will be notified by you by a pop up notifier.

You can do your other works & the Web Player will download the video for you to watch it offline or with your ease of time. To view the video open the Web Player, click on Library. If you want to view the video by some other media player like VLC, go to Veoh folder, located in My Videos (if you do not select any other option). I would suggest VLC media player, because sometimes the audio of the video is poor & in VLC media player, you can increase the AUDIO to 400%.
Veoh not only contains user uploaded contents, but it also contains official videos also from ESPN, Warner Bros, & You Tube too.
Enjoy the Latest or Old Free Videos, Movies, Music, News, ... from Veoh.
If you still have not Downloaded the Veoh Web Player, You can Download it from here.
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